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Platja des Morer Vermell

Alcúdia, Mallorca

How to arrive at Platja des Morer Vermell

From Palma-Alcúdia highway

We will get to Alcúdia from the Palma-Alcúdia higway, Ma 13. It comes a point where it is not a highway any longer and it becomes a two-way road.

Three roundabouts

We will find three roundabouts continuing through them towards Alcúdia's centre.

Detour to Manresa

Once we enter the village we will find the famous Walls of Pollentia in front. Just at this point we will see a turnoff sign towards Manresa. We will take it going along the wall.

Es Morer Vermell Ave.

Just beside we will see that there is a road with a small slope, this will be the detour to the development of Manresa. We will turn left and follow this road without turning it off (Es Morer Vermell Ave.)

Morer Hotel

When we enter the development of Manresa we will see a dead end street in front, we will take the detour to the right (Maria Antònia Salvà street) towards Morer Hotel, when we reach the end of this street we will find Es Morell Vermell beach in front.