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About US

ABOUT US Is a website on beaches in Majorca where they can be found beaches, coves and swimming areas either by their geographical situation, for the services provided or their names. We have also developed a list on 'recommended beaches' aimed at those looking for variety and beauty in the Majorcan coves, no matter how long it takes to arrive, services or dimensions.

Majorca has got a lot of swimming areas. We have included those which in our opinion are the most interesting, either because they are well known or because theyare used by locals, but most of them are areas more or less frequented.

About the nomenclature of beaches, coves or swimming areas:

-First, we have based it on the name given by the administration.

-Second, on the places that the admistration didn't specify, we have relied on the general map of Mallorca by Mascaró Pasarius.

-Third, for those swimming areas we didn't find any name, we decided to give them the name of the nearest street or housing development.

-Finally, whenever we have found contradictions, we have preferred leaving the name known by locals, by popular tradition. is a web made by and for sea and nature lovers. For those who wnat to know the Majorcan coast, either they are islanders or tourists. It is a website made with enthusisam. We hope you find it interesting and useful. Regards, the team of