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Cala Cranc

Andratx, Mallorca

How to arrive at Cala Cranc

From Andratx

Palma Nova- Port of Andratx road (ma 1 road), taking the exit Andratx-Peguera (ma 1 road). Take the exit signposted as 'Urbanización Camp de Mar' (ma 1010 road/ma 1020 road)

Vía Fca. Capllonc Plomer street

We won't leave this road (we will pass through a roundabout still moving forward), which will be renamed Vía Fca. Capllonc Plomer street (ma 1020 road)

CalaCranc Way

We will pass through another roundabout (we will continue straight on-ma 1020road) up to the next junction, which we will take to the left (Cala Cranc Way).


We will continue up to the end of this same street (cul-de-sac), where we will find parking (200 vehicles approx.) Cross the enabled path to reach the cove.