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Cova Rotja

Andratx, Mallorca

How to arrive at Cova Rotja

From Andratx

From Andratx take the Palma Nova-Port of Andratx road (ma 1 road) until we get to the first roundabout of the Port of Andratx (rather an intersection that must be passed like a roundabout)

First roundabout

From the roundabout we will take the first exit and a few metres forward the street forks right and left. We will take the way on the right.

Gabriel Roca Garcías Avenue

This street on the right is Gabriel Roca Garcías and we will go along the entire port.

Almudaina Avenue

After skirting the port we will seek on the right Almudaina Avenue. We will enter it to look for parking but Cova Rotja is just before entering this street towards the sea. It is a concealed pedestrian crossing.