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Sant Elm Petit

Andratx, Mallorca

How to arrive at Sant Elm Petit

From Andratx

From Andratx, take s'Arracó road(ma 1030 road) towards this town. Once at s¡Arracó, we must cross it by the main road (França street-ma 1030 road) up to the exit roundabout

Towards Sant Elm

At the roundabout we will take the first exit (Sant Elm road-ma 1030) and we will follow it until the end (following the signs towards Sant Elm and not leaving the road)


Once arrived at this nucleus, it is convenient to comtinue right (Mossen Joan Ensenyat street) to park the vehicle in a municipal free of charge parking.

Towards the coast on the left

The alternative is to leave it near the beach and pay € 3,5 for it. Sant Elm Petit wouldbe onthe left and to scanty metres of Sant Elm beach.