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Calˇ d┤es Corb MarÝ

ArtÓ, Mallorca

How to arrive at Calˇ d┤es Corb MarÝ

From ArtÓ

Leave ArtÓ via the Ma 12 road, ArtÓ-Port d'Alc˙dia road.

Turning to Col˛nia

Continue along the detour towards Col˛nia de Sant Pere via the ma 3331 (towards the right)

Col˛nia de Sant Pere

Reach la Col˛nia and follow its main street, straight on up to the end we will get to the pormenade, Passeig del Mar.


We continue driving to the right along the sea. This is the ma 3332 road. We can park before entering the dirt road. Calˇ d'es Corb MarÝ has several houses within sight overlooking a cliff.