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Sa Torreta

ArtÓ, Mallorca

How to arrive at Sa Torreta

From ArtÓ

From ArtÓ, we have to leave by Santa Margalida street (the last stretch of the ma 12 that crosses the urban nucleus of ArtÓ) up to the roundabout.

ArtÓ-Port d'Alc˙dia road

Take the first exit, thus we link up again with the same road (ma 12) and we leave the nucleus. The road is now called ArtÓ-Port d'Alc˙dia.

Col˛nia de Sant Pere

Whenever we see the detour to Col˛nia de Sant Pere (ma 3331 road), to the left, we will take it until we get to the urban nucleus.

Major street

We will leave Major de la Col˛nia street on the left,and we will continue up to the next intersection to the left.

Reach the coast

We will take this intersection up to the coastline (ma 3332 road) and turn right to look for parking at once. We just have to cross the street and continue for about two hundred metres in the indicated direction.