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Cala Mitjana

Felanitx, Mallorca

How to arrive at Cala Mitjana

From Felanitx

Leave Felanitx driving along Rei Jaume I (Ma 14 road) towards C'as Concos.

Diversion to Es Carritxˇ

On Ma 14 road take a left diversion towards El Carritxˇ (Ma 4016)

Diversion to s'Horta

On Ma 4016 take the detour to s'Horta.


Leave the village along Maršal street. We'll leave s'Horta and several km forward we'll see a left diversion indicated as 'cala sa nau'. We'll take it.

Narow road

We will follow this way several km and we'll see the second left diversion to 'cala sa nau'. In this intersection we'll park the car on the very verge.


In this intersection we leave the car but we won't take it on foot, just follow the road and leave it 100 metres forward, take the next intersection to the left. 'No trespassing except for residents' is indicated.

Go past the rural hotel

On this way we'll go past a rural hotel.We'll get to another inersection and we will take it to the left. Now we just have to follow the path enabled for tourists. It comes a point where there are some strings to follow, to reach the cove.