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Cala Anguila

Manacor, Mallorca

How to arrive at Cala Anguila

From Manacor

Leave Manacor via the Ma 4015 road towards Calas de Mallorca.

Ma 4014 road to Portocristo

Continue along the Ma 4015 road for about 8.5 km until it ends and we will have to enter the Ma4014 road on the left towards Portocristo.

4.3 km along the Ma 4014 road

We have to continue for just over 4 km towards Portocristo until we reach a diversion on the right with an islet looking like a roundabout and we will continue towards Cala Romántica.

Marco Polo Avenue

We will enter Marco Polo Avenue that we must continue almost to the coast, looking for the street called Passeig d'Alfons XII on the left. We will follow it until we find parking. The cove is at the end of the street.