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Es Caló Blanc

Manacor, Mallorca

How to arrive at Es Caló Blanc

From Manacor

Leave Manacor via the Ma 4015 road towards Cales de Mallorca.

Continue to the Ma 4014 road

Cover the Ma 4015 road totally up to its intersection with the Ma 4014 road which goes from Portocristo to Portocolom. We continue to the left, towards Portocristo.

Diversion to the right

From this point we will cover about 160 metres and we will see a turning on the right. It is a very bad way of stones with potholes. You can transit this way, but you can not park. You must park in two paths on the road to Portocristo. Then you will have to walk near 4 km to Cala Varques.


We must cover 1.5 km on this road in bad conditions until the end of this way. Then we must go on walking for about another kilometre and a half towards the sea by a forest. Arriving Cala Varques you have to skirt the coast to the left for a few minutes until you get to the next inlet where there is a rocky bridge.

Another way

You can also park in S'Estany d'en Mas, at Cala Romantica. You have to climb the hill at the south helping with some iron nails nailed to the rock. Then You have to search a path at the top of this hill and go along the coast for 2km. Its hard and not recommended for children.