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Cala Murta

Pollenša, Mallorca

How to arrive at Cala Murta

From Puerto Pollenša

Once at the Port of Pollenša, situated at the first roundabout of the town (characterized by having a seaplane) if we come from Pollenša, we will take the third exit towards Formentor (along the ring road).

Towards Formentor

Once we have gone past the three roundabouts we will be coming across, just at the last one, right beside there is a football field, we will start the ascent towards Formentor.

Entrance to Formentor

When reaching the top we will find the viewpoint of La Creueta. Once at the top we will start the descent towards Formentor, about 3 kms, until we get to the entrance of the development.

Continue towards the lighthouse

On the left we will have the road to the lighthouse of Formentor, following it to cover about 4.5 km.

Park the vehicle

The cove access will be on our right provided that we continue towards the lighthouse. We will see a large possession at the entrance of the cove access, this will be our starting point to access it. The parking will be to scanty 200 metres of the entrance to the path.


Just on the right (within the path to access the possession) we will find a fence always closed and so we must leave it after passing it. We will reach it and on the right side we will see a small access along the fence.

Go past some cabins

We will see some wooden cabins on the left which some youngsters use for summer camps. Once past the camp we will follow the path, you can't miss it.