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Caló d´es Macs

Santanyí, Mallorca

How to arrive at Caló d´es Macs

From Santanyí

Upon reaching Santanyi, we must continue to our right, there is an avenue with several roundabouts surrounding the village.

Roundabout: Diversion to Caló d'es Macs

Continue straight on this road until you see, in one of its roundabouts, the turn to "Calo d'es Macs". Narrow street of several kilometers.

End of the asphalt way

Always continue following the signs of the Calo d'es Macs. When we see the sea it means that we are close the cove. We will park just at the end of the asphalt way. There is space for about 6 cars on one side of the street in the shade.


Once parked the car, walk backwards, looking for a passage between two houses. Just this path is half a meter wide, is a slippery path of about 50 feet long. There is another way by a ladder at the other side of the cove, but is more complicated indicate how to arrive by car.