Beaches in Majorca, guide on the best beaches and coves in Majorca


Sa Fauç

Santanyí, Mallorca

How to arrive at Sa Fauç

from Campos

Leave Campos driving along ma 6040 road towards Colònia de San Jordi.

Colònia de Sant Jordi

Once at colònia de San Jordi follow the main road (Marqués del Palmer Avenue) up to Figueres street to the left.


Park the vehicle at the end of Figueres street and continue along an enabled passage between the houses which for its part leads to a walkway to the beach


We will continue walking through several beaches and coves approximately 5 km.

Or from Ses Salines Lighthouse

It can also be reached from El Far de Ses Salines, we must walk to the west (right looking at the sea) and follow 2 more km from El Caracol beach.