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Torrent d┤en Barracot

SantanyÝ, Mallorca

How to arrive at Torrent d┤en Barracot

From SantanyÝ

Leave SantanyÝ towards Ses Salines or Col˛nia de San Jordi driving along Ma 6100 road.

Go past es Llombards

Follow the same road, Ma 6100 road, towards Ses Salines or Col˛nia de San Jordi going through Es llombards village.

Ma 6110 Diversion

A bit after leaving es Llombards take the detour on the elft signaling Far des Cap de ses Salines. We can see at the entrance of this road a kilometre marker designated as 0.

Reach SesSalines Lighthouse

If we go past the road in 2 km we will see a plant nursery on the right handside where we can make a U-turn. Once on the road leading to the lighthouse we must follow until the end. Park on the verge of the road.

A path 3 km long

From the lighthouse continue walking along the coast towards the left approximately 3 km.