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Nudist beaches in the Balearic Islands

Nudism in the Balearic Islands

Nudist beaches in the Balearic Islands

   The beaches and coves in the Balearic islands are some of those few places in the world where there is a respect for the clothing that everyone wants to wear. Nudism is a freedom we can exercise and it is protected by several articles on the Spanish Constitution, base regulation of our legislation and no regional one may be contrary. These articles are:

-Ideological freedom, article 16.
- Right to self-image, article 18
- Freedom of movement throughout the country. article 19.
-Freedom of speech, article 20.
-Academic freedom, article 27.

Beaches don't have to be classified as nudist, all of them are public and everyone can wear the clothes they want, always respecting the people around. The beaches where nudism is not usually practised are the most touristy, even so women in top less are seen, something usual in our country but not in other countries like the U.S., where its pratice is prohibited.

Disfrutalaplaya (Enjoythebeach)

      In disfrutalaplaya (enjoythebeach) we have indicated the swimming areas where there are usually naked people, but we want to make it clear that it is a freedom, not an obligation, and that in our beaches and coves there is mutual respect mixing all kind of people, those who wear swimming costume or those who prefer no clothing at all.

Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera

   Ibiza and Formentera are two islands given to nudism in practically all their beaches, it is usually avoided in the most tourity. In Majorca it is also very practised although it is more difficult to find these beaches or coves which, in themselves, are incredible such as the pristine beaches of Es Trenc , El Caragol , Caló d'es Moro or the beach of Llucalcari .  In our beaches search engine these beaches can be found just clicking the option 'nudist' and the most frequented will be dispalyed.

Naturism and Nudism

   Those who practise nudity are the naturism or nudism: two very similar trends but while naturism is a way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudism in common with the objective of favouring respect for oneself, for the others and the environment, nudism is simply being naked in a public place, concerning what we are interested in disfrutalaplaya, on beaches and coves.