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Cala Blanca

CalviÓ, Mallorca

How to arrive at Cala Blanca

We will take exit 17, Santa Ponša.

We will continue along Rey Jaume I Avenue. We get to a roundabout and we follow the second exit along Rey Jaume I Av.

We will find another roundabout, taking again the second exit and continuing along Rey Jaume I Av. At the third roundabout we will take the first exit on the right (Gran VÝa del Puig de Galatzˇ) and we will follow it until the next roundabout.

At this roundabout, we will take the second exit (so we will continue along the coast)onto Ramˇn de Montcada street, until we sight, on the left, a way towards Huguet d'es Far street, which we will take, once the way is past, to the right.

We will move forward until we are able to see, on the left and at the top of a small hill, a white chapel. At its foot there is an enabled car park. We will leave the vehicle and follow the access by some enabled stairs.