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Calˇ de Son Caios

Palma, Mallorca

How to arrive at Calˇ de Son Caios

Palma-SantanyÝ motorway

Leave Palma towards SantanyÝ. We'll take the exit to the airport, exit 7. Once in this stretch of the motorway take the next exit, exit 7A to Cala EstÓncia.

Stop sign to the left

We'll arrive at a Stop sign, we'll go on towards Cala EstÓncia, to the left.

C'an Pastilla way

We'll go along this street, Camino de Ca'n Pastilla, up to the beach promenade where we'll continue to the right. We'll follow the coastline passing a yacht club and Cala EstÓncia beach.

Continue along the sea

We must follow the coastline up to a restaurant on the left-hand side. Immediately after we'll see 'el Calˇ de son Caios', at Pagell street.