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Cala s┤Almunia

SantanyÝ, Mallorca

How to arrive at Cala s┤Almunia

From santanyÝ

Leave SantanyÝ driving along ma 6100 towards Col˛nia de San Jordi.


We will arrive at a roundabout and take the second exit towards Cala Llombards. From June 2017 we must park in the first street when we're arriving at Cala Llombards and then continue on foot. Only about 30 vehicles can park in this street and in the rest of the urbanization there is continuous yellow line, impossible to find parking in July and August. We recommend using the bus line.

Information sign

When parking, we must return by the road that reaches Cala Llombards and look for the road that is about 30 meters before reaching the sign of the urbanization of Cala Llombards. It is the road where it indicates the prohibition of entering less to the authorized ones (residents of SantanyÝ). We will continue walking, there are about 15 minutes up the stairs to access the coves.


This road is called Cala Almunia although the name is not visible. It is a two-way road and on the sides there are stone walls. We will follow to the end. There is a fork, we will continue to our left just a few meters. Then turn right onto the first street.

Another bifurcation

We retrace the road in its entirety to the end where there is another fork and turn to our left to turn right again for the first one we find. A few meters away we will find two informative posters of the two coves.


The entrance to the two coves is from a long staircase leading first to Cala S'Almunia and from the fishermen's area there is access to Calˇ d'es Moro.

Bus access

Updated information at You must leave the vehicle in the Son Olivˇ estate, on the Ma-19 road between the Lidl and the Renault there is a street, there is the stop of the line 505. Frequency every 60 minutes and it arrives until the staircase of cala s'Almonia .