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Menorca is one of the most important islands of the Balearic Islands, by extension is the second after Mallorca. The main towns of Menorca is Mahon, Ciutadella and Ferreries. It has approximately 100,000 inhabitants and has a large number of beaches and coves of wide diversity, it focuses on the contrast of colors that can be found among its crystal clear water and red mountains of the north. Stresses in Menorca mainly parties "SAINT JOAN " Citadel , where the horses out , and people hang in the air ( touching a horse is a symbol of good luck) . But this type of holiday , characterized by horses , can be seen in other festivities throughout the island on 8 September the same kind of party is organized in Mahon. The entire coast of the island is well served by their " Camins Cavalls " which translated into Castilian is "Way of Horses " , with which we can access virtually any beach through these trails , it is a path that surrounds the island once used as a horse trail for surveillance of the island and, after much prodding by the Menorca town, is now used by numerous public roads walkers. We must remember that these paths go through public lands and the step is allowed but without leaving the trail. Stresses in conservation Menorca beaches and coves. The reasons are several, but first we mention that the management of the beaches on the island of the same department , resulting in no difference between the different municipalities . On the other hand, tourism came later to the island and finally, the thought is very protectionist Menorca and mainly love their land : they try to strike a balance between tourism and the environment . Infrastructure on the island include a single main road that crosses the island from east to west , having other secondary roads leading to the north or south. There are dirt roads inaccessible to wheeled vehicles and lastly the famous " camí of cavalls " to walkers. Regarding communications of the island, highlighting the Mahon Airport , and two seaports Mahon and Ciutadella. Climate of Menorca like its sister islands , is fully Mediterranean : mild, wet winters and hot dry summers, before more noticeable the change of season , now the spring and autumn are noticed very little. Of the major food products of the island is Mahon cheese (Denomination of Origin) and the spicy sausage and more. A major beverage XORIGUER is a kind of gin feature of the island. A typical dish and under what places you could say "fancy" is the lobster stew .