Beaches in Menorca, guide of the best beaches and coves in Menorca.

Beaches in Menorca, guide of the best beaches and coves in Menorca.

Savinar de Mongofre

Maó, Menorca

How to arrive at Savinar de Mongofre

*** Car Park summer 2018

During the summer of 2018 you can not access the Favàritx Lighthouse road, only by bus from Mahón. Here times and location where they come from: Get off at the stop for CALA TORTUGA and continue walking for 8 minutes towards the lighthouse until you reach the Camí de Cavalls on your left.

* Once at Cami de Cavalls

At 200 meters from the beginning of this stretch of camí de cavalls we will see another wooden door. Be attentive because the Camí de cavalls continues on this detour, and NOT on the path that follows. Open the wooden door and check that the pylons of the camí de cavalls continue on this detour

Sea views then crossing trails

We will continue the Camí de Cavalls. First we will arrive at a cliff with views of several beaches, among them and in the distance the Mongofre beach. We must go through the back of the first beach: Pou d'en Caldés beach; After and following the Camí de Cavalls, we will go up a hill, when going down we will see a crossroads.

Crossing trails

In this crossroads of paths in the Camí de Cavalls is marked "Salinas de Mongofre" and where we come from (Pou d'en Caldés) but it does not indicate ANYTHING about the third path. You must continue by this third path (provided that we have permission from the Foundation Rubió Tudurí WHAT THEY DO NOT GIVE FROM 2017, WE HOPE THAT THEY WILL GIVE BACK SOME DAY).

Path, but not Cami de Cavalls

On this path we head towards the two beaches of all Mongofre. There is a well half demolished. You must go looking at a map, there are many trails and you will get lost. HERE AND LOOKING AT A GPS OR GOOGLEMAPS APP . Then you will up another cliff to your left, once you have down the cliff there is another crossing trails: Go to your right, to the norh. There is a stone wall, jump it and continue.


There is a forest were there is no indications and there are a lot of paths, so you need a GPS or an app of googlemaps. You must search the path that will leave you in the back of the Mongofre beach